Re: [Harp-L] Just Jammed with Huey Lewis

You're killing me over here........

On Jul 23, 2012, at 11:58 PM, michael rubin wrote:

> My old bandmate works for Asleep at The Wheel.  Ray Benson and Huey were
> doing a surprise show at a small bar (200 people), The Rattle Inn.  My old
> bandmate facebooked about it and I caught the status update.  He said he
> was at Guitar Center buying Huey.  I asked when and where the show was and
> he said that Huey only had one harp,  bring mine.
> I brought my bassman, bullet, harps and alcohol wipes.  I made it just in
> time.  Huey was in the front row waiting to be called up.  Another old
> gigging partner was on bass.  I told him, I brought harps and an amp for
> Huey.  He had me bring it up during the song.  Huey is called up.  I
> explain him the situation.  He asks for an F harp and I give it to him.
> Then he gets the band ready to do Bad to the Bone with a D harp.  He gets
> me up, luckily I had two D harps.  We jam.
> He tells I sound good and thanks.  He tells me about Chuck Gurney's Fat
> Bottom mics and that he likes them.  I go on the bus and we talk some
> more.  Afterwards, I am picking up my amp and Huey's one harp is there.  I
> go back on the bus and hand it to him.  I think he got a kick out of that.
> Michael Rubin

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