[Harp-L] Gear For Sale

*Harmonica Related Gear for Sale:*


·       Mid ‘70’s Fender Silver Face Champ- Sounds awesome.  NOS Jensen
1960 NOS Jensen P8RS Alnico Speaker that gives this fine guitar a sweet
sound. Speaker is not nearly broken in!  $375 local or plus shipping.


·       1993 Fender Tweed Harmonica carry case.  Like new with a small spot
of mold stain.  Absolutely no wear!  $75.00 plus shipping

·       Custom JT-30 mic with a Hot Vintage CM 151 element & Amphenol
connector including 18’ mic cable $150 plus shipping

·       ‘50ish ElectroVoice EV-606 mic- Small SS with BIG MONSTER sound!  Truly
vintage and like new condition with pop riveted label with 18’ mic
cable   $150.00
plus shipping   (thank you to poster)


·       3 NOS (1995) Hohnor 270 Super Chromonics with original case never
played.  $75.00 each Remaining Keys: Bb, G & D

 ·       Zoom H-4 Field Recorder Like new. $75.00 plus shipping

·       PreSonus Blue Tube PreAmp- Like new- $75.00 plus shipping

                           Please contact me off list with questions.

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