[Harp-L] Bill Withers hook Use Me Up

Last night my duo partner (vocals and  guitar) called a Bill Withers' tune,
Use Me Up,  then asked me if I could get the keyboard hook on harp next
time out. So, I had to come home and study it! One of those things I've
heard a hundred times, but couldn't quite get it.
The notes aren't difficult, but the syncopation (groove) is critical!

D harp in 3P E is just right for this repeating lick.

4   -5   -4   4   -5   -4   -5   -4   4   -3   -4

And after the second time in each repeat, this quick 3 note fill:

-3''   -3'   -3

Default number is Blow
-3 is Draw

' = half-step bend

'' = two half-step bend (whole step)

I have the original audio hook isolated, slowed, and looped for study in an
m,p3 file. Email off-list, mention USE ME, and I will send it to you.

Robert Hale

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