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> Actually, Smokey--I don't know why you don't play it sans singer

I would except that we usually get it requested when one (of 2) singers show up. A girl from the uplands of England does it really well. 
> I'd love to see a video of you playing this song with a good group of musicians backing you. The chromatic beCOMES 'the voice' and can be almost as effective as a Sax or vocalist on this great song.

Alas, the supper club I play at doesn't allow videos. (legal issues?)
>  I do agree: not for a diatonic unless they're along the lines of someone as good as Jason or play valved or specially tuned diatonics. It  HAS to be melodious and is simply perfect for a chrom.

I tried it on one of my valved diatonics. It was good but chromatic is more mellow. That's with me playing, others may do better on diatonic, so no need to fault me. 
> Just my 2cents, but there's no reason a good chromatic player couldn't make this a great backdrop for this Wedding.

If I lived closer I would go up and do it for nothing. (but my limit is 249 miles) :)
> Elizabeth

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