Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Sugar Blue C Harp Transcriptions?

I'm just blown away by your not having previously known who Sugar Blue  is.
In case anyone hasn't yet told you, he played on the Rolling Stones'  early 
Albums:Some Girls, Emotional Rescue, Tattoo Youâwhile he was  living in 
Paris and toured with them then, and yes that's his unmistakable  harp on Miss 
Originally from NYC he moved to France when young then back and forth a bit 
 - but is considered a 'Chicago Bluesman' for some reason although I 
definitely  feel his NY Sensibility in his writings, language and outlook (He grew 
up in  Harlem).
 Currently he's a World-famous Grammy Winner and one of THE nicest  
bluesmen/harpists you could want to know. This Spring he married Ilaria Lantieri  
his bass player while on tour--lots of great photos on their website  with 
Ilaria playing onstage in her wedding dress (she's an absolute peach of a  
person -and musician, as is Sugar). He knows EVERYbody and is beloved by  
everyone who's anyone in the business. Extremely well read and well spoken man  
who doesn't suffer fools gladly --loves having intellectual discussions  
--I've been lucky enough to be considered a friend. At this point I don't  think 
Sugar cares all that much about the size of the gigs he plays, he just  
wants to get out there and tour, play (and sing). He played a very casual gig 
on  Fire Island out here on Long Island last year and I'm not sure most of 
those at  the party were fully aware of just whom they had in their midst. 
Didn't faze  Sugar at all--he still had a great time, and he participated in 
one of Adam  Gussow's teaching seminars a year or so ago. Nice, nice man. His 
most  recent album is 'Threshold'. Well worth checking out. Here's a 
review(so  you might just want to spend a wee bit more money)<G>:
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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 18:27:38 -0400
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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Sugar Blue C Harp  Transcriptions?
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This list costs me way too much money. I was perfectly content having never 
 heard of Sugar Blue or Red Rooster. The album is downloading to my phone 
right  now. Thanks a lot, Lamar! ;)

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On Jul 18, 2012,  at 5:35 PM, lamar.mcclain@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I love Sugar Blue! I so  admire his first position work. Any C Harp 
transcriptions other than Red  Rooster?
>  Lamar


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