[Harp-L] Beat Making- Classic Roland "Groove Box" - For Sale

Greetings to all:

I'm in the process of clearing out some instruments, outboard gear, and other audio tools from my studio.  I was about to post this on eBay, but thought, with all the Beat Boxing, looping, and live setups a lot harp players are using these days, this might be a nice addition to someone's performing or studio rig.

Its a Roland, MC-505 Groove Box, Synthesizer.  

Identical in look and condition to this one described on eBay.


But a better price for someone in the Harmonica community that could use it to good effect.

I've used it only a few times for some remix projects. It gets very little use these days.  For live performance, jamming, creating your own beats, arranging songs, it has a lot of power and features.  

If interested feel free to contact me off list for more information.  

Burke T.

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