[Harp-L] Just intonation video/Jazzy Blues Challenge

I put up a 4 minute video where I demonstrate the most dramatic differences between just intonation and equal temperament tuning systems for the harmonica. 

it is called "just intonation in 4 minutes" and you can access it here:


I also have a couple of harmonicas available in just intonation made by a secretive harp tech who calls his harps "x harps" He is one of my all time best harp tech students and I agreed to put some of his harps up on my website if he made it easy for me to do. Long story short - he just doesn't want to deal with people, just harps. Takes all kinds!

You can check out his work here:


BTW, David Naiditch's video on playing blues in all keys is one of the coolest things I have seen & heard in a long time, very well thought out, great playing, and an endlesslly fun challenge for me - Thank you!!!

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