Subject: [Harp-L] Issue with Bushman Delta Frost case

You've already gotten some good answers and I'd pay attention to Dave  
Payne's take on it. 
As to someone complaining that there's TOO much room and then describing it 
 as l/4"? Yes, that's whining in my book<G>. Take an eyeglass cloth OR a  
Scott's Ragg (they're far better than paper towels), wrap it around your 
harp)  and presto, no 'rattling', but my honest opinion is that l/4"  doesn't 
really constitute too much space since the tiniest bit of  anything would fill 
it: foam, paper, eyeglass cloth--most of which can be  used to wipe down 
your harp (always a good idea) after play, so it  serves dual purpose. Many 
chromatics come with a cloth wrapped around the  harp inside its space.
You're talking about diatonics but in fact I've sought out and bought (by  
my last count at least 10? by now) Vera Bradley super quilted 
double/eyeglass  cases in which to carry my CX-12's. The CX-12's are sold in fitted but  
very heavy boxes which are just impossible to carry around. THEY don't 
rattle,  but to lug them around is ludicrous (given that I play several different 
keys),  so I found these perfectly fitting eyeglass holders which just 
happen  to conform to the fatness of a cx-12 chromatic (most other cases  won't), 
and perfectly protect my chroms from bangs and knocks and I can carry  them 
in my handbag or tote without worry. The only drawback is that the case is  
open at the top - perhaps a problem for some, and some men do find the  
patterns just a tad too 'feminine', although I've found a few which  could work 
for men as well.
I don't pay full price (which can run $20 - $24 per), but get them on  EBay 
- NOS, and have been lucky enough to pay anywhere from $7 - $14 tops for  
most of mine. Here's an EBay link to the older retired (and squared off) 
designs  I prefer, to show one which could work for men:

It isn't obvious from the photo but there's a 'pocket' on top which allows  
the stashing of a pen, screwdriver, cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe, or even a 
 hottie hand warmer which I use to warm up my chromatics (so the valves 
won't  rattle).
Dave's right: harmonica cases are exPENsive (I have 13 CX-12's). Most of us 
 spend a lot of time trying to find just the right kind for our  harmo
nicas--depending on how we use/carry them. MY 2 B-Rads I find too  unprotected in 
those cloth bags Dave mentions (I just don't like them banging  around in 
my bag without something a bit more protective) and will at some point  make 
something to fit them too. You'll find that long-term players and pros  
carry cases packed with 20 - 30 harps (or more) custom fitted for their needs,  
but they still need a decent single case or two for those they carry with 
them  all the time.
Sugar Blue wears a bandolier across his body which holds a whole slew of  
his harps--I imagine it's heavy, and hot under stage lights - but it's his  
signature look. They sell smaller belt-styles which can hold several to wear  
around one's waist. That might suit you for your few harps. 
I'm still in the process of finding the 'perfect' material to knit my own  
harp cases...I've made half a dozen so far and discarded all--primarily for  
chromatics. Very few yarns work because they shed fibers. At this point in 
time  I'm experimenting with T-shirt 'yarn' which I'm making myself. I'm a 
couple  of years into this --pick it back up when I can find the time --and 
still  haven't perfected the design or the material.
At some point I will and when I finally do I'll give out some prototypes to 
 my friends to try, although I'm not sure I'd want to spend the time on 
diatonic  holders other than my B-Radicals.
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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:29:18 -0400
From: William  Krueger <smaerd@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Issue with Bushman Delta  Frost case
To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx

Hello all.

I've got a questing  regarding a Bushman Delta Frost D I picked up a few 
weeks  back:

The short version: I like this harmonica, but the  case is too large for 
the actual harp. It rattles around in case. Did I get a  bad case? Anyone else 
have this issue?

The verbose  version:

I should say that this is only my third harp. The first two have  been a 
cheapo Hohner Bluesband C (which served me well.. but you get what you  pay 
for), and a Hohner Golden Melody C. The Golden Melody came in a case that  was 
form-fit to the harp: I can shake the case and the harp barely moves inside 
 of it. Looking online at other harmonica brands/cases... it looks
like this  is somewhat typical (but I don't know first I'm not 
here accusing  Bushman of selling lousy harps or anything).

The Bushman Delta Frost D I  bought a few weeks ago has WAY too much space 
in the case. It has about an extra  quarter inch of space. When I bought the 
harp, it came with a little Bushman  flyer wrapped around the harp...and it 
was tight with this flyer in the case.  Now, I've taken to folding up a 
paper towel and leaving that in the case so that  the harp doesn't
rattle around when I leave it in my pocket.

So, did I  get a defective case? Is this actually a typical harmonica case 
and I should  stop my whining about it?

What says the mighty  Harp-L?


William Krueger

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