[Harp-L] Re: cool horn band w/harp

Thanks everybody for the kind words yesterday(my birthday)!

I've been a creeper on harp-l for a couple years, soaking up all the great
knowledge you guys and girls put up here.

Buzz-- I think we met at a "Rockers in the Rockies" thing a few years ago.

Jeff--I've been playing for about 6 years, working on my tone more than
ever now, and am totally into free lessons if you're offering...(and the
singer is actually my little sister, so you're right: I would have a hard
time getting kicked out of this band...lol).

Thanks again everyone for checking out our band.  Please come see us when
we're in your town!

Jackson Kincheloe
Tour manager S.S.D.B.

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Arleigh Kincheloe is a great vocalist! Brother Jackson blows an awesome
harp in this genre! I'd love to know what's on his pedal board. They have a
bunch of You Tube videos, well worth checking out.

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