[Harp-L] Fifth Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash!

Tickets are now available for the Fifth Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash
on September 30, 2012, at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois!

Headlining this one is Sugar Ray Norcia with these other great players:

- Billy Flynn (yes, he plays harp, too!)
- Dave Waldman
- Corporate Kirk Manley
- Highway RickEy
- Tim Spahn

all backed by the Grammy Award winning Billy Flynn and his band and Joe
Filisko as the MC.

Sold out last year...  And the year before, and before...  Well, all
of them!  Great venue, great show, great time!  Tickets just went on
sale yesterday and already two tables are sold out.  Nudge, nudge...

See http://www.chicagobluesharpbash.com for more information and to buy

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