[Harp-L] The First Harmonica Quadrathalon

The First Harmonica Quadrathalon


The First Harmonica Quadrathalon will follow The WV State Harmonica Championship in Huntington, WV on Saturday August 25th. The events will begin at noon. 

This is part of The Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Art Festival held Friday Aug 28th and Saturday Aug 25th. There will be a harmonica workshop from 10am until noon. Phill Wiggins and Geneva Red will be the resident harmonica experts. Geneva Red will be performing Saturday night.

This will be the 6th WV State Harmonica Championship. The rules will be the same as in the past. Contestants will have 5 minutes to perform 2 songs. They may be accompanied by one other acoustic musician. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. 

The Harmonica Quadrathalon members will selected by the judges from participants in The WV Harmonica Championship, but no participant of the WV State Harmonica Championship is required to participate in The Harmonica Quadrathalon. Each participant of the quadrathalon will play standard solos in songs performed and sung by The Harmonica Club of Huntington, WV. There will be 4 types of songs.

  1.. traditional .....The Wreck of Old 97 in C
  2.. blues ........... Dust My Broom in G (shuffle tempo)
  3.. minor .......... Summertime in A minor
  4.. major .......... Have You ever Seen the Rain in G major
The judges will choose only one participant to be the Grand Champion.

Sorry, but rules, and tunes are subject to change for this first time event. 

We are open to suggestions and may make changes per these suggestions. Final rules and tunes will be posted Aug 15th.

Jim Rumbaugh

The Harmonica Club (of Huntington, WV)

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