[Harp-L] Google+ Harp Hangout

The Saturday 7/14 Harp Hangout was another "limited" success.  "Limited"
because only 3 people showed up (including me) and 1 of them (Venky) had
technical difficulties.   But Jim Nyborg had no difficulties even though he
was way over in Sweden while I was in California.  No appreciable lag at
all and clear picture and sound!  I don't know why more people don't
participate in these Harp Hangouts.  If you don't like the 12 Noon Saturday
Pacific Time schedule, then start your own at whatever time you like!   Jim
in Sweden didn't have a problem with the timing.  It was 9 PM in Sweden but
it was still broad daylight there because of the "Midnight Sun" effect.  He
plays a diminished 12 hole diatonic from Seydel and it was a whole lot of
fun to hear him play it!   Google Hangouts can handle up to 10 people at
once and there's definitely a "More The Merrier" multiplier effect, so
please consider making the time to join in next Saturday 7/21 at Noon
Pacific Time.  Thanks.

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