[Harp-L] For sale : Harpking 6x10 in perfect condition

Hi all

I'm thinking of selling my like new Harpking 6x10 amp. It is checked by my harptech ( from Marble amps) and he made some improvements on safety. The original have have some dangerous connections so mine is better than before.
Soundwise nothing is changed!!
It is still a tone-monster and if needed , a volume-monster. The built-in anti-feedback works perfect!

My question to you all:
What is a fair asking price? I've seen some crazy prices so I'm notsure what my asking price will be...

Please feel free to bid/answer through:

here you can see/hear me using the Harpking ..

I've used the amp in my duo gigs/semi-acoustic as well and that works very well..  very low volume, big tone..


Ben Bouman

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