[Harp-L] Siegel-Schwall Band

On July 13 The Iceman wrote:
I learned a lot by listening to Siegel/Schwall Band. They left a lot of holes in their shuffle groove, playing the "silences together", which created an infectious groove rhythm that would get the crowd listening to rock back and forth as a unit.

I too learned much from watching Siegel-Schwall.  They played Madison, WI a lot in the 70's.  I recall many occasions where no one in the audience could sit still because the rhythm was so compelling...and the harp playing
of Corky Siegel was always phenomenal.  "Angel Food Cake" and "Hey Billy Jean" are absolute classics (among others) in my opinion.  This past May I saw Corky's Chamber Blues outfit perform and was again
floored by the music.  He is still golden as a harmonica and keyboard cat but is also very good at keeping the harp sounding exceptionally rich and unharsh.  Just extraordinary!  He's also written a book
about dynamics in musical performance entitled "Let Your Music Soar."  I'm glad this astonishing player and performer was brought up again.  He deserves it!  

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