[Harp-L] Hohner Thunderbird in LOW Db ?

Has anyone heard when Hohner will offer a Thunderbird in LOW Db ?  

I bought a Seydel 1847 in Low Db and within the first week and the #1 blow reed suddenly dropped down almost 100 cents from Db to B. 
I have played Seydel 1847's in Low D, Low Eb, Low E, Low F for several years and have never had problems.

I have not touched this #1 blow reed yet.  

I did have to tune the #1 draw because it was 30 cents sharp, so that voids my warranty according to Seydel's website.

Rupert has always taken care of me in the past, but he is apparently out of town for the next few weeks.

Is there another person to contact at Seydel?  Or is there a Thunderbird Low Db available???


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