[Harp-L] RE: TC Helicon Pedals / Rev-Delay

TC Helicon makes great vocal processing pedals.  This new one sounds
nice but i have no interest in pitch control.

A while back I bought the TC Helicon VOICETONE create.  (98% of my
gigging is straight through the PA).  I bought it for a few reasons-
1) very simple with few bells and whistles. 2) XLR connected 3) Nice
choice of 99 tweekable pre-sets w/  Delays, Chorus, Reverbs, Tube
Pre-amp and other unique settings. EZ programing for up to 10 custom
presets soundscapes. The unit is also very solid and well constructed.
I play through a Beta SM58 on a stand. I put the pedal on a small
stand so I can run by hand instead of foot.

It worked out perfect for what I was looking for. Very clean sound, no
hum/noise. Never a feedback issue. Subtle and smooth coloring that
still lets the sound of the harmonica come through. My 10 pre-set
primary effects = (2)Slap-backs, (2) chorus, (2) Delay's, (2) reverb's
and (2) tube preamp.

When I bought it almost 2 years ago it was on sale because a new model
with upgrades had just come out. I like simple so I was happier with
the cheaper old model. I will be looking to buy more for backups as
they must be pretty cheap by now.


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