Re: [Harp-L] new pedal- reverb AND delay

Randy Singer wrote:
<I am gonna buy this....sounds like a killer combo for harmonica.

I can't find the thing actually for sale anywhere, and the TC website doesn't list the price. So no way to figure out the price/performance ratio.

One or two other things worth noting: this thing includes compression and pitch correction in addition to reverb and delay. Some harp players may want the compression, but it's hard for me to imagine that a harp player would want the pitch correction, given that manipulating the pitch of a note is a big part of expression on the harp. (Little Walter could get four measures out of a bend on the draw 5 reed.) Undoubtedly the pitch correction accounts for a big piece of the unit's overall price.  

Based on TC's other products, my guess is that this pedal runs in the neighborhood of $250-300.  If you're going to use all the features, that's a good price.  If not, better value for money for reverb + delay might be found elsewhere.

I'm doing more and more singing lately, and I think I will take a look at this thing for vocals.  I'm using my Digitech RP250 for vocal processing now, and it's a very good reverb and delay box, but it won't do pitch correction no matter how nicely I ask...

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