[Harp-L] Subject: Madcat with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra

You're very welcome, Peter. I enjoy the 'detective work' part of it...and  
if it brings us something as flat-out enjoyable as this, all the better  - 
not to mention learning about new (to me) instruments and their  players.
Peter 'MadCat' Ruth writes:
"In this video:


I am trading improvisations with Han Lei who is playing the Guan (Chinese  
Oboe). He is a member of the Singapore Chinese orchestra.

This was recorded in Singapore in 2007.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I didn't know this was on YouTube.

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...and just because I stumbled onto it, and it's FABULOUS, Triple Play  
Madcat trading off on Take 5 in Singapore with an orchestra player on  
what looks like a fore-shortened type of flute (perhaps he can clue us in  
the instrument)? I was blown away by the incredible energy/interplay  here 
(I've been privy to MadCat playing Take 5 on a diatonic before and  he's 
terrific!): See, THIS is what improv is or should be all  about.




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