Subject: [Harp-L] Danny Wilson and the GigList

Thank you for letting us all know, Tom.
Danny Wilson is a wonderful guy --and a true gentleman. He was so very  
gracious to me not so long ago although we hadn't met officially. I've written  
to him privately offlist, but not about what I'm about to suggest:
He's been doing an amazing job with the giglist --and it's a big job. It's  
past time for some younger person who's good with computers and has some  
involvement with disseminating the information about Gigs to the harmonica  
community to step up to the plate and take over. 
Danny's more than done his share and it's time for someone else. Think of  
it as FREE Publicity for your own Band if you're a gigging musician.
For those perhaps not yet fully aware, the Gig List provides an invaluable  
reference for gigging harmonica players and for those who wish  to attend 
their performances. One member of the Band has to be an active  harmonica 
player to get on the list.What better service can you give to your  community 
than to get involved? It would definitely fit the criteria of SPAH's  stated 
aim of: Preservation and Advancement.
I haven't spoken to Mr. Wilson about this idea --but in the past  when he 
was ill or on vacation, I don't believe anyone stepped up or volunteered  to 
take over from or to help him. Is it inertia? Lack of caring? I'm  sure if 
the right person wishes to get involved Mr. Wilson would be more  than happy 
to provide the details. Those are pretty big shoes to fill by  someone 
dependable and able to make a commitment. Frankly, I think it'd take a  team at 
this point, so maybe a gigging player would not be the best idea, but  
someone definitely involved in the harmonica world.
If you haven't seen a previous Gig list --check harp-l's archives. They  
came out on Wednesdays. 
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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 16:27:27 -0700
From: Tom Ball  <havaball@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Danny Wilson and the  GigList
To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
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Dear  friends at Harp-L,

Recently I've been in contact with Danny Wilson. I  must pass along to 
you all that Danny, with regrets, has had to put the  GigList on 
hiatus for awhile. Seems his computer system has been giving him  lots 
of problems for the past few months, and he is unable to update the  
Giglist unless/until he can upgrade the system.

What's more, Danny  has been working through some health problems; 
this, together with the sad  news of the recent loss of his daughter, 
have combined to make the constant  updating of the Giglist something 
that's simply no longer possible for him  to keep up with -- at least 
for now.

Many folks on this list may not  know Danny Wilson; but for all us 
'old-timers' he's been a mainstay and Rock  of Gibraltar in the 
Harmonica Community for decades; tirelessly compiling  and maintaining 
the Giglist without compensation or fanfare. Additionally  he's been 
maintaining a bevy of web sites for various harpers (myself  
included.) Speaking for myself I can only reiterate my sincere 
thanks.  All this in addition to being one of the finest bassharpers 
on the planet --  I refer to him as "Lord of the Low Frequencies."

Anyhow Danny, ever  gracious, apologises for the lapse of the Giglist 
until further notice. I  hope you can all join me in thanking him for 
his tireless service (and  music,) and wishing him (and Lorraine) 
healthier and happier times down the  road.

cheers and thanks,
Tom Ball
Santa Barbara  CA"

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