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That's really cool, Jeff. 
Actually, I DO remember 'Sweet Country Music'. Here you go: Great vid, by  
the way. Tasteful harp throughout --in fact throughout all of these songs -  
that's the kind of extremely melodious harmonica playing I REALLY  enjoy:
Sweet Country Music
But I'd previously found the same photo online --and it was  a bit of an 
'in-joke' when I asked if you were the one with the moustache--given  that 
there are NINE (9) guys there and everyone of you have moustaches. I  bet you 
never noticed. ;)
Very sorry to hear about losing your band members. Sad stuff indeed. 
Here are some more Youtube vids I've found (none of these Live,  
unfortunately). It did take some doing, so I hope they bring back only happy  memories:
Blue Side of the Grey: (lots of comments on this one --you might want to  
talk to some of the people here --tell them where they can find copies of the 
 albums if you know?)
...and a LIVE version that's even better --can't resist posting. Everyone  
gets to promote a little on harp-l--here's your chance to shine a bit. This 
is  wonderful stuff: with Eddie Rabbitt and Janie Fricke - how cool is this  
video(although we have to wait until around the 3 minute mark to really 
hear the  harp--the vocals are SO good, well worth the wait): (by the way, I 
agree with a  lot of the posters: maybe time for a CD compilation or a revival 
of your band.  This is all so good.  

I gather the lead singer on this song, Tony was one of those who've passed? 
 What a great voice he had. Very commanding presence.

Nothing Left between us (But Alabama)


Wishful Drinkin'
Pictures:- now this song sounds familiar too.
(The son of the lead guitarist has posted a comment on this one):)
My Sweet-Eyed Georgia Girl (someone commenting here says his father is a  
childhood friend of yours?):)
This should be enough for any new (or old) fans of the band to continue  
finding more. Have fun!
Jeff Baker writes:
Thank you Elizabeth ,and yes I was in the band ATLANTA . I sang bass and  
played harp and yes I was the one with the mustache .  

Still have it . Wow you remember ATLANTA that was a long time ago ! We lost 
 2 members last year , sad stuff.



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