Re: [Harp-L] BBE sonic stomp

"Clarity, definition, and punch" are the subjective sales words. It selects
a range of frequencies present in the original signal, doubles it,
(multiplies it) and adds it back to the original.

Usually 2 controls: select the range to be processed, and mix the doubled
frequencies back into the original.

Originally used in broadcasting to bring more attention to the signal,
voice especially. Then found to be very effective at restoring lost high
frequencies resulting from magnetic tape generations (copies) in a very
natural way.

It is NOT equalization, or tone controls in the usual high-pass, band-pass
style. It is a fairly intelligent approach to returning higher frequencies
to the original based on what is already there. I believe the process is
level-dependent as well, that is, loud parts will get more processing,
quiet parts less. (This feature may not be present in stomp box models.)

Should be applied in a subtle manor so as not to sound artificial. The
effect will not be bold and startling as echoes and flangers.

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