RE: [Harp-L] Line6 POD HD is harmonica friendly

Boris Plotnikov wrote:
<Finally I tired of dragging all over the place amp and pedalboard,
<bunch of power supplys and wires (especially I hate loose power wires
<for pedals) and I finally make a decision and bought Line6 POD HD.
<Actually I completely emulated my pedalboard and find a decent tones!
<Just to show you possibilities here's hard amped tone. Shure SM57 +
<POD HD. No reverbs, no post processing.
<UPD and some experimental samples. Nothing musical here, just showoff.
<Auto-Q, clean jazzy tone, clean jazzy tone + tap tempo delay, clean
<jazzy tone + octave down, whammy, hammond0organ emulation.

These samples sound great.  I don't think the basic tones, like the amp models, are superior to the Digitechs, and I'm sure the delays aren't, but I can hear that the POD allows you to chain multiple modulation FX in series--like a pitch shifter and an autowah, for example, or multiple octave doubles and a leslie speaker emulation--which is something you can't do on a Digitech.  You can have any one of those things on a Digitech, but you can't have them all at once.  So you could get some very cool tones with the POD, as the samples show.  

The POD HD Tabletop, which is the device in these recordings, is about $400, which is more than twice the price of a new RP355.  At that rate it should do more.  It's good to see offerings in multiple price ranges with corresponding features, and it offers new opportunities for sound designers too.

I look forward to hearing more of this stuff.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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