Re: [Harp-L] Danny Wilson and the GigList

Sorry to hear of your loss.  Your mentorship on the bass has meant a lot to
me.  HEre's hoping for better days soon.
Michael Rubin

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 6:27 PM, Tom Ball <havaball@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear friends at Harp-L,
> Recently I've been in contact with Danny Wilson. I must pass along to you
> all that Danny, with regrets, has had to put the GigList on hiatus for
> awhile. Seems his computer system has been giving him lots of problems for
> the past few months, and he is unable to update the Giglist unless/until he
> can upgrade the system.
> What's more, Danny has been working through some health problems; this,
> together with the sad news of the recent loss of his daughter, have
> combined to make the constant updating of the Giglist something that's
> simply no longer possible for him to keep up with -- at least for now.
> Many folks on this list may not know Danny Wilson; but for all us
> 'old-timers' he's been a mainstay and Rock of Gibraltar in the Harmonica
> Community for decades; tirelessly compiling and maintaining the Giglist
> without compensation or fanfare. Additionally he's been maintaining a bevy
> of web sites for various harpers (myself included.) Speaking for myself I
> can only reiterate my sincere thanks. All this in addition to being one of
> the finest bassharpers on the planet -- I refer to him as "Lord of the Low
> Frequencies."
> Anyhow Danny, ever gracious, apologises for the lapse of the Giglist until
> further notice. I hope you can all join me in thanking him for his tireless
> service (and music,) and wishing him (and Lorraine) healthier and happier
> times down the road.
> cheers and thanks,
> Tom Ball
> Santa Barbara CA

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