[Harp-L] Buddy Can You Spare A Dime

Just heard some great harp on a version of this song on Oil City Blues
Radio.  Anyone know who was playing on it?  (No track listings on my online


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Hi to all!

Finally I tired of dragging all over the place amp and pedalboard,
bunch of power supplys and wires (especially I hate loose power wires
for pedals) and I finally make a decision and bought Line6 POD HD.
Actually I completely emulated my pedalboard and find a decent tones!

Just to show you possibilities here's hard amped tone. Shure SM57 +
POD HD. No reverbs, no post processing.


UPD and some experimental samples. Nothing musical here, just showoff.
Auto-Q, clean jazzy tone, clean jazzy tone + tap tempo delay, clean
jazzy tone + octave down, whammy, hammond0organ emulation.

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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