Re: [Harp-L] Music editing - Fading out Pre-recorded music (mp3, etc)

I've always been very keen on avoiding loss when I cut up things. Like using Virtualdub to cut up Avi's etc. To cut up Mp3's lossless use I use => mp3DirectCut 2.13
It used to be freeware (maybe it still is) and , incredible but true, it does lossless fades as well


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One thing that's true of Audacity and every other audio editor is that if you start with an mp3 file you'll have to convert it to wav (uncompressed) in order to work on it and then convert the finished product to mp3. There's an unavoidable loss of quality.

Audacity is a great piece of software, one of the best open source programs around.

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Audacity will do fades, and you can save the file with whatever effects you apply (such as fades). It's rich in features, pretty amazing for a free program.

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Hey everyone;
What do you recommend if you want to take an existing mp3 file (or any other sound file) and edit it so that the music/sound fades out at the end (and save the file)? Is there anything simple to use that's on line or free maybe? Would Audacity work? What's better for this purpose and can I download it?
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"Audacity is a free audio editor that will do that for you."
I agree. Best bang for the buck. Although I've found it not all that user friendly. One program I've used in the past is very simple to use and does a great job is Nero Wave Editor. Usually comes along with the Nero CD Burning Suites.

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