[Harp-L] Mic review - G5790

I bought the BlowsMeAway Bulletizer to convert my older, used Shure sm57 to a backup harp mic. I loved the tone and it  improved the 'holdabililty' but I still wanted to maximize the ergonomics of the stick mic. Granelli Audio Lab modifies the sm57 with an aluminim 90 deg. elbow (called G5790-$149) which converts the mic from a stick to an inverted 'L'. Much more comfortable to hold with only a minimal weight penalty (~2-3 oz). They also sell a retrofit kit ($49) for DYIers to convert your sm57 or 58 (soldering required) but unfortunately it won't work with Shure 545. I use the older sm57 for vocals and acoustic harp and I can still use it as a backup as it takes only a few minutes to move the Bulletizer from one mic to another
Larry Bloomfield

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