Re: [Harp-L] Chi-Lites Question

As an admirer of both the Chi-Lites and Cy Touff, and a lover of what I had always thought was a harmonica solo on Oh Girl, I listened to the record a few times just now and that sure doesn't sound like a melodica to me. The hand-shaping of the notes sounds especially harmonica-like.

However, Cy Touff being one hell of a great musician, with some beautiful Blue Note recordings hiding out in the catalog, I wouldn't put it past him to have found a way to make the melodica more like the harmonica. (It kinda doesn't sound like either, or sounds like both.)

This is just to say that I don't agree or disagree with internet authorities, I'm just impressed with the difficulty I'm having identifying the instrument in this particularly beautiful solo.

When this record was made, they were just coming out of an era in which making it hard to pick individual instruments out of a blend was really part of the recording art.

The Chi-Lites recut the tune a few years later, and it's also a strong record, but without the harmonica-sounding thing (sax is substituted) it doesn't sound like a hit.

Score one for free reeds.

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