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It's a Harmonica and a Chromatic....the Melodica was used on other cover versions but not the original...

It seems like this was either recorded in Chicago or possibly even NYC as The Brunswick Label had Studios in both places at the time. I'm not sure who was doing session work on Harmonica in Chicago in 72 but in NY it's possble that is was Blackie Schackner....

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It is cy touff   It is all over the net
Just google him

Thanks for your response to my question. I will say, however,
I just spent a half hour (in addition to the time spent before I posted the question) looking through Google
and Bing. Though there are lots of bio, discography, and news entries about Cy I haven't found a single reference to
his playing on the Chi-Lites "Oh Girl." So, he's all over the Net but the Chi-Lites reference I'm looking for isn't (for me anyway)
Please, if you have time, give me a URL or reference.

I have also received a response that a melodica was used on "Oh Girl"- not a harmonica. Even more confusing.

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