[Harp-L] Chi-Lites harmonica

I've always loved the harmonica playing on the Chi-Lites "Oh Girl" but am having some difficulty defining who the 
player was.  I know in a much earlier harp-L post it was said to be trumpet player Cy Touff but I'm not certain of this.  I watched a lip-synched 
You Tube version of the song and it appeared one of their members was playing a very long diatonic harp as he also sang backup and
danced.  As you watch however, it can be seen he's playing high notes at the wrong end of the instrument so it, too, is totally synched (or out of synch as it appears)
Wikipedia and the Chi-Lites website do not speak of the harp that I could see.  Anyone know the real story on this player?  Is it really Touff? 

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