[Harp-L] Amplifiers vs. PA schemes

Rather than either- or; I see the good in both methods.
For going light, spontaneity and overall fun, I have used the Harp Commander and gone into PA with one of blowsmeaway.com  chopped Shure 545.
Or any number of pedals and devices.
Currently I am liking the Lone Wolf Harp Attack and a Shure CRT in a bullet mic.
Or an amp like a SJ or Juke or Valco model(s).
A big difference in playing with an amp is the control of sound for a medium-sized room and on-stage.
A bigger room mics the amp anyway, but at least you retain more control over your volume.
For those who don't have that issue- very good!
Some musicians don't like harp in the monitor and some people managing PA can bury the harp. 
Arguably, if you have a powered monitor, or a good sound tech, it is not an issue.
The point is that they are birds of a different feather and you can choose.
Best regards,

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