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Jp Pag?n wrote:
<The SPAH 2012 Election is over! Winslow Yerxa has been elected to serve as SPAH's next president, beginning his term after the <2012 Convention. LJ Atkison will remain as SPAH's vice president. This was a historic election, with two official presidential <candidatesÂa SPAH firstÂand over 250 ballots castÂa SPAH record. We would like to thank Bob Cohen and Warren Bee for running and we <would especially like to thank all of the SPAH members who cast ballots. And don't forget, members, this is not the end of your <participation in SPAH's future, only the beginning. 

1)  What were the actual vote tallies for the candidates?
2)  How do I, as a voter, know that my vote was counted?
3)  Can you please tell us what measures were taken to preserve the integrity of the vote--e.g., who counted it, under what circumstances, how many ballots were rejected for various reasons, and how was the count validated?

There's no information on SPAH's site that describes any of the above, and I'd like to know. Anyone who's been involved in counting votes for any election knows that transparency in the process matters.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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