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The Vest Pocket Harp was the predecessor of the Piccolo harp. I went through the Hohner catalog at the local music store in the mid '70s in search of this high G harp because of Micky R's solos on Willie's "Georgia On My Mind" and "If You Got The Money Honey, I've Got The Time" as well as this Waymore tune. The Vest Pocket was the only high G that I found at the time and also I think high A was available as well. The Piccolo came out several years later. I still have a couple of the old Vest Pockets and as far as the high tuned, I can't tell much difference but really can not compare cause the VPs are so old. So, I would say that DB was playing a VP (and a standard pitch whatever). The only Piccolo in my kit is a G.Buck
Don Brooks was so good, Sasquatch took pictures of HIM ! I love it. Don't mess around with Sasquatch...(DING DONG, my favorite).
Ron, I had a gater that was as long as my pirogue surface right beside me one time (Louisiana). I almost messed myself :O  

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> The only difference that I can remember is that the Vest Pocket harp was available in only 2 keys, whereas the Piccolo was available in multiple keys. Outwardly they were the same size. The top covers had the model etched on them. 
> smo-joe   (He once drove in a Gran Prix race..because it was on his way. Flying saucers have taken pictures of HIM). Yes, he IS the most unforgettable character you will ever meet. 
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> > Joe wrote: I would say that he is using a Piccolo harp.
> > 
> >  A long time ago before I knew how he was able to get those high notes, in an interview with Charlie McCoy that I read, Charlie explained that to get the high notes he uses a Vest Pocket harp.  I immediately bought VP harps in whatever keys were available - only G and A, if i mbr correctly.  
> >  What is the difference between a Vest Pocket harp and a Piccolo harp?
> > Ron - FL Keys (saw a 9 foot gator last nite in my canal)

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