[Harp-L] Harmonica Screws

I consider myself a pretty big nerd when it comes to building harps and I have been looking for a better coverplate screw solution for months. After learning that it is impossible to buy male and female/sexbolt coverplate screws like on the marine band deluxe (unless you buy them from Hohner for $4 each--$16 to outfit a deluxe) I decided to have them custom made and now sell them for a buck each (for the male and female screw). No banging on Hohner by the way, after research, I found that they must have them custom made too, hence the price.

So I have brass and stainless steel, our own custom design. I have never seen true stainless coverplate screws before. Most of them are some kind of chrome plated.

They are sort of universal, will fit MB Deluxe, Crossover, thunderbird, suzuki manji, seydel 1847, and the MS series (big river, blues harp, pro harp, blue midnight, etc.) Also if you use a 1/8 inch drill bit you can use them to drill out your mb 1896. No more nuts!

Get em here http://www.harpcase.com/harmonicaparts.html

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