[Harp-L] Brandon O. Bailey Kickstarter

Hello all,
I have started a kickstarter campaign to fund my next EP release. My first album 
"Memphis Grooves" was a bit of a critical success and at he behest of my 
fan-base, it is time for a follow up. My target goal is $3000 to cover all of 
the recording, packaging, and marketing costs. So far I have raised $1,300. 
There are five days left in my campaign to raise the rest of my goal. If I do 
not raise the full $3000 in the next 5 days, I will receive nothing for my 
project. That is how kickstarter works. Please help fund this new project and 
help spread the word about it. My musical future is in your hands. The link to 
my kickstarter pages is as follows: 


Brandon Oneal Bailey


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