[Harp-L] Last day to vote for SPAH president

Today is the last day for
SPAH members to vote for the next president. If you havenât voted, please vote
Winslow Yerxa for President, with LJ Atkison for Vice President.

Winslow and LJ offer the broad, stable platform of experience, trust, and broad
community support that will ensure SPAHâs future and bring its potential to
greater fruition. 

Membership and convention attendance are both stable, youth participation is
increasing, the new website is growing and improving, and the magazine is one
of the best harmonica publications in the world. But newer products, careful
and canny use of SPAH resources, maintaining reserves to ensure strength, and
greater outreach can all make SPAH a richer and stronger resource for harmonica

Full voting information is available at http://spah.org/content.asp?pl=29&contentid=29

Quick summary: To vote you most be a
paid-up SPAH member and over 16 years old. To vote you can send an email
containing your name, address, telephone number and your choice of winslow
Yerxa, Bob Cohen, or a write-in candidate to spahvote@xxxxxxxxxx

Note: SPAH reserves the exclusive
right to define the methods of voting and does not endorse any voting methods,
including those on non-SPAH websites and/or social media sites, beyond those
explicitly stated in the SPAH voting rules & procedures.

Thanks to all, and hope to see you at SPAH 2012 in Irving, Texas.


VOTE Winslow Yerxa for SPAH president, with L J Atkison for vice president
Winslow for SPAH President (Facebook)

Winslow4Prez (YouTube)

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