Re: [Harp-L] Suzuki Overblow Harp

You use that thing very much Roger? I've got one, but haven't fallen in
love with it.
Great idea; single reed (half valved) bends and overblows.....but I never
got used to
the grip and fingering, found it hard to hold, and to finish it off, don't
like the tone, which is
heavy on the mids, and somewhat nasal, to my ears.
I've never herd anyone else use them, apart maybe from Brendan Power
demonstrating them.

On 30 June 2012 08:37, Roger Beck <beckmeister1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've looked around quite a lot and am missing the boat I guess.  I'm
> looking to replace the draw reed plate and also find cover screws for
> my Suzuki Overdrive (Key of A) harp.  If anyone knows where I can get
> these items please advise.  Thanks.  Roger

Rick Dempster
RMIT Libraries

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