Re: [Harp-L] Can you identify this speaker?

The only series of numbers on that speaker that I see as being a likely speaker code are 1146, many numbers in that series were assigned to TV mfg. For example 1149 was Curtis~Mathis speaker mfg code. I found 1145, 1147, and several numbers in that range but no 1146. It is possible that the six is an inverted nine and the speaker was made by Curtis~Mathis, but it's just as possible that it was a code assigned to some other mfg more obscure and not listed anywhere on the internet.
James D Hoskins
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Speaker is here:

Amp is here:

The speaker is in a ~1964 Marvel/Multivox amp.  The speaker is 6
inches and 3.8 ohms.

Any ideas?

-Rick Davis

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