[Harp-L] New looped recording using Digitech RP355

Hi all,

I just posted a new recording to my site at hunterharp.com: a live performance of "The Road Out of Here," lyrics and music by yours truly.  This piece uses a pre-recorded drum loop as the foundation for a full band arrangement, built on the looper one part at a time.  All sounds besides the drums are courtesy of a Seydel Session Steel harp in A (I really like that harp), processed through a Digitech RP355 running my patches.  I recorded the performance as it happened on my Zoom H4, parked a few inches from the grill of my Peavey KB2 amp.

I'm sure that this is a unique sound and approach for solo performance with harmonica.  A number of players, such as Son of Dave, Brandon Bailey, and Lonesome Dave Ferguson are using loopers to create harp, voice, and percussion ensembles that put the harmonica in a fairly traditional context (with the caveat that there's nothing very traditional about a looper). My approach is to build an electric rock band out of harmonica parts processed through the Digitech.   

I'm continuing to build a repertoire in this style that includes both originals and covers, so stay tuned for more recordings.  In the meantime, check out "The Road Out of Here."


And Happy New Year to all.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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