Re: [Harp-L] Special 20 vs. Seydel Session Steel?

I changed to Session Steel with 1847 cover plates about 18 months ago. I had Greg Jones recomend and sell them to me. I had been playing Hohner special 20's with turbo lids for over 5 years straight. I like the Seydels very much and have only had to replace one reed in that time (a 10 blow reed from doing a blow bend). They are a little brighter and louder un amped but when playing through my Harpgear Double Trouble 12" amp they sound great. I'm a convert. I play 70-80 gigs a year so I have used then often. Greg's a great guy and is a outstanding rep for Seydel. No problem with the change in holes/spacing and the big change from the fat turbo lids. I still use Lee Osker for the minor harps but may order some Seydels in the minors also.

Bob "The Captain" Boyd
Texas Tide Band

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My harp of choice for a couple of years has been the Hohner Special 20 but I was thinking of trying the Seydel Session Steel. Can anyone offer any comparison info? How close are they in size? I have one Lee Oskar in my case and every time I pick it up, it feels quite strange in my hands because it is slightly bigger, not to mention the size of the holes.


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