Re: [Harp-L] Special 20 vs. Seydel Session Steel?

I bounce back and forth between Special 20 and Bushman and the occasional Lee Oskar without any major problems. I have a couple of Session Steel harps. The size doesn't concern me, it feels much like SP 20. It does take a little adjusting for me with how the steel reeds respond. I didn't like that different feel at first, but with a little playing it is not an issue.
I have a low F from Dave Payne that he worked on and it just kicks butt.
Steve in Minn.

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On Dec 27, 2012, at 7:44 PM, Scott Hicks <dscotthicks@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My harp of choice for a couple of years has been the Hohner Special 20 but I was thinking of trying the Seydel Session Steel. Can anyone offer any comparison info? How close are they in size? I have one Lee Oskar in my case and every time I pick it up, it feels quite strange in my hands because it is slightly bigger, not to mention the size of the holes.
> Scott                         

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