[Harp-L] A harp for home, and one for work?

First 'post.'
I have begun my harp adventure with a c diatonic harp and the "Harmonica
for Dummies" book.  Really enjoying both! My wife is a guitar and piano
teacher, I can't wait to be able to jam with her!

So my last hour at work is very slow, I expect to practice my harp
regularly at this time.  Yesterday, I accidentally left my harp at work,
right before a 4-day long weekend/Christmas holiday.  I had to travel all
the way back to work today to retrieve it.  My wife suggested I buy a
second harp to keep at work to avoid this problem again.  (Yes I'm very

Now to the question: should I get another C harp, or perhaps an A harp?  I
understand that the A harp won't sound the same as the books' samples, but
I have read that there is value to practicing in other keys?   Can you
offer any advice?  Thanks!

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