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I wonder what the ratio of harmonica enthusiasts to Uke would be? I have no idea? I was oblivious to how many harmonica players and enthusiasts there are in the world before coming on line. I was shocked. Still not favored by all.

> Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the harmonica
and for this documentary, but we have no immediate plans to show it. We
have actually tried endeavors along these lines before, most notably with
the documentary THE MIGHTY UKE, for which we had an Old Town School
instructor playing a set after the film, filmmakers in person, and an
all-audience jam session. Unfortunately, the turnout for this, and for many
other music films with seemingly grassroots appeal has been quite
underwhelming. I wish it were not so, as these films are always
enlightening and fun.

Wishing you a good holiday season.

Barbara Scharres
Director of Programming

I'd like to think the harmonica would get a better turnout than a ukelele
film, but who knows.  Flicks at the Siskel Center are $11, I suspect a lot
of people would rather buy the DVD.

Mick Zaklan

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