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I was thinking about how awesome Joe Spiers is when I set that harp up and tuned it. That's why it was so awesome. That's the secret, think about how awesome Spiers is. Maybe 90 percent that and 90 percent remembering stuff Brad taught me.Â
I am not being sarcastic. I bow to both those guys.Â
David Payne

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Thanks Mike,

Dave Payne really saved the day on that one. We collaborated together and I am so pleased that he is on our team. I had some tech issues with another side of my business and got sidetracked and Dave swooped in to help me finish it so you could have it for your gig tomorrow! This is the start of what I think is a good approach in customizing: collaborative builds. I also work Mike Fugazzi who is super talented. All 3 of us have shared trade secrets and are now building full customs and optimized harmonicas under the Hetrick moniker.
In the end, we are now teaming up together on many of our builds so that 2 or 3 customizers get a look at the harp and do their part before it is sent out. I think of it like a good author needs an editor and maybe a proofreader, publicist, etc. ha ha.

In the end, I think the teamwork approach might be something cool and help us get them out faster or at least raise the quality to a superior level. Except maybe Joe Spiers. We may not be able to beat him = )


On 12/20/2012 8:42 PM, Mike Rogers wrote:
> I just bought a pre-1940's Marine Band from Matthew Smart. He completely restored it and it is a great harmonica and a permanent fixture in my kit. It has super tone.
> Bullfrog
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>> There's many fine harp technicians out there who do first-rate customizations. Who out there does, or can do, restorations on old stuff? I have a couple of old (1900 or so) harps (Wm Thie, Boehm) that could use the master's touch. No embossing or major retuning; nothing like that. Just removing the reedplates and giving them a good cleaning, reshaping a pressed in coverplate, etc. Everything - reedplates and coverplates are made of zinc (not corroded), by the way. The reeds are brass.
>> Any recommendation?
>> Thanks,
>> Paul N.

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