Re: [Harp-L] Sugar Blue

Brother Bart,

My apology to you, the list and Mickey Raphael. The reference I SHOULD have had could have been this one -

Sometimes the mouse and I differ in our memory!

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man

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That's a nice list Suave Blues Man!
It's good that you mention Mickey Raphael, but I don't think that's him in the clip playing Silent Night ;-) I was curious what you picked from Raphael, still am.


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Brother Eric,

"What players resonate...?" Get an earful...

    Sugar Blue is the man!
         "Little Red Rooster" is a personal fave.
         Hear it here -

Ottomatic Slim comes to mind.

    The late Norton Buffalo.

    Magic Dick. Whenever! Wherever!

The late Paul deLay.
"Why Can't You Love Me?" I was ready to quit my job and move to Portland upon hearing the first few notes.

    Charley Musselwhite. Inspirational!

    The late Paul Butterfield. Now and forever!

Mickey Raphael. Been with Willie for 40 years!

    Charley McCoy. WOW!

    And all of the artists listed here:

And here:[76637][filter2][278-value][0]=

Oh, do you mean ALL of harmonica?

    Toots Thielemans. Superb!

    Franz Chmel. Brilliant!

    Stevie Wonder. Incroyable!

    The late Larry Adler. Enthralling!

    The Philharmonics. Excellent!

    The Adler Trio. OMG!

    Harmonicamento. Sehr gute!

    Willi Burger. Magnifique'!


    Terry McMillan. Righteous!

    Glorious sounds of the harmonica.

    Douglas Harmonica. The First Noel.

    Silent Night. (On tremolo!)

By the way, there are many, many, MANY more!

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man

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Subject: [Harp-L] Sugar Blue a new player I'm just learning what players resonate with me...and
man Sugar Blue is fast becoming my favorite.

Who are some other players who play in a similar fashion?


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