[Harp-L] Coast to Coast Music Status Report

Hi All

I am happy to report I was able to get back to worktoday in a limited way after my total knee replacement surgery and expect that I'll be able to keep 
doing that from now on and intend to put in as much time as I am 
physically able.  I am still on heavy medications and a rigorous 
rehabilitation schedule, but I'll be working as well.   I'm sure it will take several days to get caught up, but unfortunately it can't be 
helped.  I do still plan to offer a 10% 
discount to those who were willing to stick it out with me.  You don't 
have to do anything to get the discount, I will apply the discount to any order 
placed between 0ctober 15 and yesterday [ with the exception of clearance and sale 
items].  Today I went through all of the many telephone messages and 
will be returning as many of them as I can tomorrow.  Again, I am sorry 
for any inconvenience all of this this may have caused.

server move we made during this process seems to have revealed some 
glitches, including erasing the notifications I sent out to let the 
customers know what was going on with my surgery.  Please report and 
glitches or problems you encounter to this email address so we can get 
them repaired.

I also want to thank the many of you who wrote 
emails and made telephone calls just to offer your support and prayers. 
 You will never know how much that meant to me and how much it was 
John Watts, Coast to Coast Music
Harmonicas & Accessories

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