Subject: [Harp-L] slide button

Yes, Dan: a couple of suggestions. Feel free to listen to all or none.  <G>
1)ANY 280 model from EBay (some can be had for tiny amounts, i.e. less than 
 $20), will usually get you not only a replacement entire slide part WITH 
button  attached, it will also give you other replacement parts to be saved 
(and cobbled  from) down the road as needed (reeds, reedplates, coverplates, 
2)Join _www.Slidemeister.org_ (    where well 
over 1,000+ chromatic players are signed on, many of whom own at  least one 
of these instruments--and if you're nice, might even send you one for  free. 
You could also look up this topic there--I know it's been discussed  before.
3) I've bought a 270 which came in with a rounded wood bead glued on  
instead. It's still there. Makes a very nice (and good-looking) button so yes,  
other 'objets' can be substituted, but I wouldn't use anything much heavier 
than  the original button.
4) The end of an older-styled Knitting needle (mostly the plastic or  
aluminum British ones) have a similar metal 'cap' to a harmonica button. I  
haven't tried this, but imagine one could be substituted.
TO reglue a button, first make sure the end of the slide part which goes  
into the hole at the button end is straight (and not badly bent). If it's  
bent you might first need to straighten it with pliers, taking care not to 
twist  the rest of the slide part out of torque. (You DO first need to 
dismantle the  Mouthpiece of course).<G>
 I've used Gorilla Glue to reattach a slide button -- just the  smallest 
amount because it will expand. Hold it on firmly for a minute or  two then 
place the slide piece between the pages of a very heavy book with  others piled 
on top, and place other books against the button end with 'just  enough 
pressure' to hold it while it sets firmly, usually overnight. 
I did this with a 260 button several years ago and it's still on  solidly.
Much luck,
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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 08:36:06 -0500
From: "Dan Axt"  <dapperdan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] slide button
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I've lost the button to the slide of my 64. Anybody have a replacement to  
sell? I've also toyed with the idea of replacing it with something more  
decorative, such as a die or a skull. Anybody got any other suggestions? Dan  


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