[Harp-L] young artist

Elizabeth, I think you misread my original comment on this.  
Somebody posted the clip and I came back with something like "get her  to 
SPAH".  I didn't mean to suggest the young girl be given  a performance spot 
or scholarship... only thought her interest may be  further piqued from the 
experience of being there.  Apologies if I  left those thoughts too open to 
interpretation.   I fully agree with your observations about the attention 
spans of  young kids, but there's nothing in the 'rules' that says someone 
has to  attend the full four days, so I say go for it!  
Couldn't agree more in regard to Nic "Cottonseed" Clark, who is  now 17 and 
a MONSTER player.  Not just a monster for 17, many in  the know believe 
that he's a true once in a  generation musician.  This young lion has an old 
soul,  and can comfortably be mentioned in the same breath as pretty much  
anybody currently touring on the blues circuit.  Yeah, I know, that's  gonna' 
raise some eyebrows... but only the ones of people who  have not seen him 
lately.  I caught him on stage a couple weeks ago  blowing a chromatic with 
Rick Estrin... it was pretty special.   Still needs to polish his stage 
presence a bit (hey, he's only 17) but  he does seem quite natural and relaxed, and 
already exhibits flashes of mature  showmanship.  Speaking as a festival 
and benefit producer, a  pleasure to work with, as are his parents.  Anyone 
looking for a nice add  for a blues festival or harmonica gathering could do a 
lot worse than  hiring this humble and talented young man. (no vested 
interests here)
Holiday Regards, 
Christopher Richards

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