Re: [Harp-L] My New Seydel Solist Pro Harp

Follow up on the Solist Pro:

While the Db was perfect, its younger brother, a newer D Solist Pro, is not.
So, I sat down to write this, and began to compare them closely. The most glaring difference is that the reedplates on the Db are brass. Current spec is German silver, per the website, not brass.

Everything is different enough so I first suspected the D harp was bootlegged by Martians. The D is less polished and the fit of the covers looks uneven at the ends. The moustache grabbing corners have larger gaps on the D. The top cover screws are ordinary Phillips round-head machine screws. I had to gap it, before it felt close to the Db. I am not an expert gapper, so I'm ranking it behind the Suzukis for now. The Db Solist is in the gig-bag, though, ahead of a Manji.

I must have gotten a new old-stock harp, a Db right? Little shelf-queen.. Sitting in inventory in her little black hinged case.. another difference. The D comes in a leather slip-case.

In conclusion, Caveat Emptor.

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