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Lare Sattler wrote:
<I recently told him that I know why many harp players prefer the Tweed Bassman. I just don't want to <haul one around and don't have roadies or a sound tech. The only way around this is to mic the amp.

There's another way: use an amp modeler and put it through the PA, which is usually the loudest amp in the building.  I've been doing that on over 90% of my gigs for the last 10 years.

However, the point remains: an electric guitar puts out a very wide range of frequencies, and if it's amped way up, it's sometimes hard for anything else to cut through, no matter how it's amped.  The solution is to turn the guitar down, or get a different guitarist.  I've reached the point where I just don't care to play anymore with guitarists who can't play at reasonable volume.  Among other things, it's not enjoyable, even if I'm just standing there listening.  It can be downright painful.

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