Re: [Harp-L] Mic amp survey

When I play in a bar, I mostly just use my 1990's 40 Watt Fender Blues  
Deluxe without additional amplification, with a JT-30 Crystal Balls or an Audix 
 Fireball V mic.  If I play in a big venue, with a proper sound system, my  
amp is mostly miced through the house multi kilowatt PA, by an SM57 or 
similar.  (Controlled by the venue's sound man).
For recording, I mostly play un-amplified, or I use my trusty old Pig Nose  
(The smallest one). This is great for a Chicago sound in the studio. My 
Fender  tube amp "hums" too much!
For more than 25 years I used a Vox JMI Supreme 100 Watt transistor amp  
(Retailed as 200 Watts) for EVERYTHING... It was a wonderful harp amp!  But it 
wore out. Then I used a Fender Bassman 100 Watt tube amp top with  two 
2x12" cabs... But that was too "clean" to get a Chicago sound, and "fed  back" 
very easily. So I down sized to a Blues Deluxe.
For "electric" gigs, playing with guitarists using 200 Watt stacks, or  
Fender Twins... I usually request the guitarist to "Please turn down".  LOL.
The BEST harp amp I have played through was a Sonny Jr...
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in bonnie Scotland.
In a message dated 12/13/2012 5:57:29 P.M. GMT Standard Time, Cljdm  writes:

<<Hi all,

Just would like to take an informal  survey.  How many Harp-L players  mic 
their amp through the PA  no matter what?

thanks, Chris  Mastakas

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